StreetDeck Developers

StreetDeck Development Environment
StreetDeck includes a built in development enviornment that allows the look and feel of the program to be tailored exactly to your tastes. Everything from the images, the colors, and the fonts that make up the various parts of the user interface to the way in which elements in the program react when a user touches them can be modified through the skin editor. Additional functionality can be added through the built in script editor based on the familiar Microsoft Visual Basic script language that allows access to the internals of StreetDeck. The development environment can be accessed simply by running the shortcut for it installed in the start menu with every StreetDeck installation.

StreetDeck is also a COM server that can be automated through any COM capable language include .Net based languages like C# or Visual Basic .Net.

Hardware Plugins
StreetDeck can be extended to support a number of different hardware devices not included with the default installation through plugins.

Plugins are dlls that offer a standard interface developers can write to add support for a particlar device. Plugins can be written for AM / FM / HD Radio, OBDII Devices, Relay Cards, and Input Devices. If you are a buisiness or hobbiest developer interested in creating a new plugin for StreetDeck, please contact for information and access to the plugin SDK.