Software Development Services
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The StreetDeck development environment provides a graphical user interface to allow developers to change the look, feel, and functionality of StreetDeck with drag and drop ease.
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The games addin is a StreetDeck DigitalMod that was developed in partnership with Vizualogic to provide additional functionality to the VMOD.
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The tools provided with StreetDeck allow it to be skinned to match any marketing or trademark requirments for a company. The scion skin shown here was made by a graphic artist without the need to write any code.
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StreetDeck was selected as the software of choice for ICO Global Communications Limited MIM alpha trial. The software was highly customized by StreetDeck LLC and other contractors to provide significant additional functionality that allows ICO to demonstrate thier satellite network including interactive program guide, two-way communication features, and mobile video streaming.
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Developed out of Carlsbad, CA, the Aptera is a fuel efficient vehicle that achieves 330 MPG which incorporates an aerodynamic and lightweight composite body structure. The Aptera features an in-vehicle computer that is powered by StreetDeck and Windows-Embedded Automotive and provides numerous capabilities. One of the key functions built-into StreetDeck as a DigitalMod with the Aptera was S.T.I.C. which is an acronym for suspension touch interface control. The software was designed to discretely monitor, position, and adjust the vehicle's ride height and angle of attack which is an integral aspect of attaining its fuel efficiency and ride quality.

StreetDeck is the ideal rapid development platform to demonstrate the newest in vehicle technologies. StreetDeck LLC has worked with a number of partner companies to demonstrate next generation features.

For more information on engaging StreetDeck LLC on a software engineering project, please send an e-mail to
Software Engineering Services
Companies both small and large have discovered the value that StreetDeck can bring as a powerful, open, and developer friendly in car interface. StreetDeck's engineers provide custom development services that allow buisinesses to take advantage of the power of having a flexible, usable, and highly customizable in car platform to connect with the rest of the world.

Our flexible and open SDK allows our engineers to deliver solutions developed to proprietary buisiness standards inline with almost any corporate IP policy.
Integrated Developer Tools
StreetDeck is the ultimate platform for creating an in-car solution to meet your business objectives. StreetDeck offers an easy to use software development kit with a graphical development environment that allows in-house developers and/or graphic designers of any skill level to customize the look, feel, and functionality of the application through skins, addins (DigitalMods), and configuration files to meet your business needs.
Source Code License
Do you have unique needs not covered by the SDK or business requirments that mandate access to the source code? StreetDeck offers the ultimate level of configurability through source code licenses. The source code is licensed on a site wide basis.