Prototyping / Marketing Oppurtunities
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StreetDeck was used to power the Intel highlander at the 2006 Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas Nevada. StreetDeck LLC staff members coordinated the install effort and provided support for the vehicle throughout the show. The highlander was equipped with several computers and screens
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Intel chose StreetDeck to show the power and versatility of the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) when it contracted Orange County Choppers to build an Intel bike for the popular show on the Discovery Channel. StreetDeck provided Intel with a customized and co-branded version of StreetDeck that provided the user interface for the hardware on the bike and showed off the next generation features possible with StreetDeck running on Intel hardware.
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To show off the capabilities of its hard drives in vehicles, Seagate partnered with StreetDeck LLC to build a StreetDeck powered show car. StreetDeck LLC staff coordinated the install effort into a Scion XB.
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The Intel highlander was equiped with 6 screens and 3 computers.
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In addition to an Xbox incorporating is own 20 gig drive, the Seagate Scion xB is fitted with a separate 40GB hard drive, a car PC running Windows XP, a wireless Internet connection (via EV-DO), a 7-inch touch screen, two headrest screens, and an HD plasma monitor for gaming.
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StreetDeck LLC engineers can design and manufacture rapid prototypes for custom consoles like this one designed for a VW passat.
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The Volkswagen passat console shown in this picture demonstrates a prototype designed for Volkswagen.
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Custom skins as well as custom functonality can be added to StreetDeck in very small timelines to support the need of almost any in-car infotainment demo. This screenshot shows StreetDeck with a custom skin to match the standard Volkwagen GUI.

StreetDeck LLC engineers know what it takes to pull off a flawless demo for a show within extremely tight and unextendable timelines. We are not just a software development company, we have expertise in all the hardware needed to complete a fully working in-car infotainment system. In the past, our engineers created prototype software and hardware platforms for both research and marketing purposes for a number of large companies including:
  • General Motors
  • iBiquity
  • Intel
  • ICO Global Communication Limited
  • Toyota Scion
  • Volkswagen
  • Walt Disney World
  • And many more...
Services Available
  • Prototyping next generation in-vehicle features for research or marketing purposes
  • Building show cars with very unique and powerful capabilities
  • Developing custom branded versions of StreetDeck for distribution
  • Developing one-off prototype hardware and console mockups
  • Adding software support for new hardware devices
  • Custom skins for a unique look and feel

Show Cars / Trade Shows
Going to CES, SEMA, CeBit, or another trade show where you need to deliver a marketing objective clearly and effectively. Nothing makes an memorable impact quite like a StreetDeck show car. StreetDeck allows for presentation of next generation concepts and complete rebranding that can be done on very tight and rigid schedules to pull off your next corporate event.

Allow StreetDeck LLC's experts to coordinate the hardware, installation, and software customization to make your next show car a hit!