Reseller Program
As our reseller, you sell StreetDeck software directly to customers. You will need to have your own buisiness and will be offered StreetDeck at volume discounts. Discounts start at 3 units a month. To become a reseller, you will first need to create a login name if you have not already done so, then please fill out the reseller application form.

OEM & Bundling Program
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The VizualLogic VMOD is a small rear seat car computer that runs a customized version of StreetDeck software optimized for remote control use.
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The VizualLogic VMOD runs a highly customized version of StreetDeck. The start screen is controlled through remote and has several Vizualogic software features added that differentiate it from other StreetDeck powered systems.
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StreetDeck runs great out of the box on almost all UMPCs to turn it into a high-end portable navigation device.
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The Infill G4 is a ready to go out of the box car computer solution. StreetDeck powers the G4 and supports the custom hardware for AM/FM radio, auto headlight dimming functionality, and steering wheel control integration.

This program is aimed at software developers and hardware manufacturers interested in adding value to their products with StreetDeck software. If you wish to apply for one of our partner programs or have questions, please send an e-mail to
Derivitive Distributions
StreetDeck can be bundled as is, or it can be customized and distributed as a derivative application. Derivative distributions can be rebranded to deliver your companies message and offer new functionality not available in any other version.
Custom Branding
StreetDeck can be branded and customized to meet your companies specific needs. Everything from the application look and feel to the logos on the StreetDeck loading screen can be customized.