StreetDeck Support

To register StreetDeck, you will need the to have the product key you recieved when you purchased and the machine and check codes displayed when StreetDeck starts up.

Visit the StreetDeck 1 Legacy Registration Page to register a StreetDeck 1 license purchased before October 2008.

For all other activation requests, please visit the Activate StreetDeck page (Login Required) to unlock your copy of StreetDeck.

StreetDeck FAQ
The StreetDeck FAQ is the first place to look for help. The FAQ contains a list of commonly asked questions and answers about StreetDeck.

Support Request
To report a bug or request help with StreetDeck. Please fill out a StreetDeck Support Request and someone will contact you shortly.

User Manual
The StreetDeck manual found in the user manual section of the downloads page contains everything you wanted to know about using StreetDeck.

Answers to in depth technical questions and hardware specific questions can be on the StreetDeck forums.

For information on the StreetDeck SDK, please visit the Developer page.