StreetDeck Computer Systems

Vizualogic VMOD
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The VizualLogic VMOD is a small rear seat car computer that runs a customized version of StreetDeck software optimized for remote control use.
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The VizualLogic VMOD runs a highly customized version of StreetDeck. The start screen is controlled through remote and has several Vizualogic software features added that differentiate it from other StreetDeck powered systems.

The Vizualogic VMOD is a StreetDeck powered entertainment system designed for rear seat passengers.

The VMOD in-car computer and media management server is photos, movies, music, games, satellite radio, web browser and navigation all rolled into one small compact unit that integrates easily into any existing rear seat entertainment system or into any factory stereo with an AUX input.

The VMOD is manufactured and distributed by Vizualogic to many fine car audio retailers.

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