About StreetDeck 2

StreetDeck is navigation and multimedia software for your Microsoft Windows based Ultra Mobile PC. StreetDeck includes maps, millions of POIs, a 3D powered touch-friendly user interface, turn-by-turn directions, access to all your MP3s, videos, and pictures, and support for a varity of addins and skins.

StreetDeck 2 with North American Navigation is available now for purchase.

Navigation for your Laptop or UMPC

StreetDeck comes preloaded with maps ready for navigation out of the box. It has a powerful 3D-accelerated interface for an exceptionally smooth map display and an intuitive gesture enabled touch-screen interface. StreetDeck comes with millions of built in POIs and the ability to import custom POIs.

Don't forget the Entertainment

StreetDeck is not just high-end GPS navigation software. It is a complete in-car infotainment package, with support for MP3 playback as well as support for AM / FM / HD / Satellite Radio hardware adapters and a robust software development kit that allows for a wide variety of additional functionality to be added. StreetDeck delivers all the extras you want and need in your car, so you can go from zero to loaded with one installation.

Videos and Pictures
Play almost any format supported by your computer* (Additional Codecs Required)
Video and pictures search
Browse by folder
DVD Player* (Additional Codecs Required)

AM / FM Radio
Unique tuner bar interface
Time shifting
Support for up to 40 presets
HD Radio compatible* (Requires additional hardware)

Turn by turn route guidance
Itinerary Planning
Voice prompts with spoken street names
Automatic re-routing
Mutliple route type view (Fastest, Avoid Highways, Prefer Highways, Shortest)
Avoid toll roads
Pedestrian Routes
Search by Address, POI Name, POI Type, City, ZipCode, Intersection, or Coordinate
Smooth GPS interpolation
User configurable map colors
3-D map view
Satellite image overlays* (requires internet connection and additional addin)
POI Import (Custom POIs)

MP3 Playback
Play almost any format supported by your computer* (Additional Codecs Required)
Music search
Browse by artist, album, genre, or playlist
Auto playlists
Support for vizualizations

Vehicle Performance and Diagnostics
Read OBDII Engine Diagnostic Messages
Graph performance of OBDII parameters
Plugin based, works with most ELM-Based OBDII adapters

StreetDeck SDK
Built in GUI skin editor
Add additional scripted functionality
COM and .Net support
Addins for everything from internet browsers to weather and traffic possible

Other Features
Multiple Monitor Support
Wi-Fi Connection Manager
Voice Control
Rear-View Camera Support
iTunes Support* (Requires iTunes)

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later) or Windows Vista (Limited DVD support on Vista)
Gigahertz class processor
512 Megabytes memory
2 Gigabytes of free disk space
DirectX 7-compatible 3D graphics adapter
Touch Screen (highly recommended, but not required)

Some features may require additional hardware
NMEA-compatible GPS reciever (For GPS navigation)
WiFi-connection (For WiFi sync functionatlity)
ELM-Based OBDII USB adapter (For vehicle diagnostic and performance features)
StreetDeck compatible AM/FM radio hardware (For AM / FM / HD radio functionality)
DVD-Drive and codec (For DVD playback)