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StreetDeck is more than just GPS NAVIGATION software

StreetDeck is Microsoft Windows based software that uses the latest technology to take advantage of all the power in your UMPC, Laptop, NetBook, or other in car PC. GPS Navigation, Music, Satellite Radio, HD Radio, and More. It makes the features you want to use in your car accessible while driving.  

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StreetDeck 2 Update makes Road Text Clearer
2/15/2009 2:31:16 PM

Update now renders black text for all road names which should greatly improve readability.  See the results below.

Previous Map Display


New Map Display

StreetDeck 2 Release Canidate (
2/15/2009 2:05:28 PM
A new StreetDeck 2 update has been released.  We are pleased to say that all of the known major bugs have been fixed and we are considering this update as a release canidate.  Please see this forum thread for details.
Viliv S5 Gets March Release Date
2/13/2009 10:54:33 AM


The Viliv S5 is a next generation PND-like UMPC with 4.5" touchscreen.   Its got a built in GPS and a car kit is available (suction cup mount).  I also hear the final version will have a haptic function (screen vibration activated by touch) and it should have more then enough power to make StreetDeck run really well.  Just check out how well cover flow works in iTunes in the engadget video.  Coming to the US sometime in March for a price starting around $650.

 Via engadget

StreetDeck 2 Update Adds Road Borders
2/7/2009 1:01:05 PM

All of the known major map rendering issues in the StreetDeck 2 BETA have been fixed and the new update also adds a new feature to display road borders.  It can be turned on through the Map Options module.  It may cause some performance issues on machines with lesser 3D capabilities so it is turned off by default. 

Before Borders

After Borders 

StreetDeck BETA 2 Update ( Released
2/7/2009 11:01:47 AM
A new StreetDeck 2 BETA update has been released.  Please see this forum thread for details.
StreetDeck 2 Upgrade Now Available for Purchase
1/29/2009 1:06:41 PM

StreetDeck 2 North America is now available as an upgrade for a discounted price of $79.  StreetDeck 2 Lite can be upgraded to for free!

Existing StreetDeck 1 users can now gain access to the StreetDeck 2 BETA using the StreetDeck Upgrade Wizard.  StreetDeck 1 users can upgrade to StreetDeck 2 Lite (No Navigation Data) for free or can choose to purchase StreetDeck 2 with North American Navigation for $79 now and gain access to the BETA version immediatly.  When StreetDeck 2 makes it to the final release, all users who upgraded will be able to update thier StreetDeck 2 BETA version to the final version for free.

The upgrade wizard can be access from the Buy StreetDeck page.  You must have or create a free account to use the upgrade wizard.  You will need your MP3Car order id, order e-mail, and order date to take advantage of the upgrade wizard.

Sierra Wireless USB 598U EV-DO with GPS
1/24/2009 11:48:22 AM


Looking to add internet connectivity to your StreetDeck powered Car PC.  The Sierra Wireless USB 598U could be the perfect solution.  As well as EV-DO Rev A connectivity with Sprint, the 598U also includes a NMEA compatible GPS.  It will cost you around $60 a month for Sprints mobile broadband access.

via NaviGadget

USB Powered 7" TouchScreen
1/20/2009 10:30:23 AM


The Nanovision MiMo UM-740 looks like a sweet piece of technology for a carputer.  Completely USB powered, you just have to hookup a single USB cable and its a complete display with touchscreen ready to go.  Unfortunately, it looks like under powered PCs need not apply for such a device as to get decent frame rates and snappy responses you need a beast of a PC.

via TerraCode

StreetDeck 2 Where are You?
1/20/2009 10:28:13 AM
Status Update: Several outstanding issues have been fixed StreetDeck 2 BETA and the outstanding bug list has been more then cut in half.  We are waiting on a navigation data update to do another release.  After that, there will probably be at least one more BETA update before we can call it done.  Pre-release upgrades will go on sale as soon as the next update is ready.
StreetDeck powers the ICO MIM Prototype
1/16/2009 6:58:48 PM

ICO is a next generation satellite broadcasting company and is developing an advanced hybrid system, combining both satellite and terrestrial communications capabilities, in order to offer wireless voice, data, and/or Internet services throughout the United States on mobile and portable devices.  StreetDeck is the user interface software behind the ICO MIM Prototypes show here in the MP3Car video.  A custom version of StreetDeck was developed just for ICO that provides navigation and a slew of connected functions for front seat passengers and up to 15 channels of video for rear seat passengers. 

via MP3Car