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StreetDeck is more than just GPS NAVIGATION software

StreetDeck is Microsoft Windows based software that uses the latest technology to take advantage of all the power in your UMPC, Laptop, NetBook, or other in car PC. GPS Navigation, Music, Satellite Radio, HD Radio, and More. It makes the features you want to use in your car accessible while driving.  

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StreetDeck Update
2/25/2010 8:28:59 PM
 A new StreetDeck update has been released.  This update includes all the fixes in the previous BETA versions and a couple other minor tweaks. If you experience any issues, please e-mail
The update can be downloaded from the StreetDeck downloads page, look for the update.  It will be pushed out to the auto updater next week barring any major issues. 
The radio recording volume can now be set in radio settings
Added SetFontAndFormat function to panel objects in the SDK
Exposed navigation SDK
Added transition set and get to SDK
Fixed problem with the appropriate radio dll not being selected in settings
Fixed coordinate search
satellite imagery is now shown in browse mode
Satellite imagery now displays multiple zoom levels of data
Removed the satellite radio configuration wizard
Enhanced support for selection and configuration of the Viliv S5 GPS
Fixed reset config to clear all defaults
Fixed default application colors
Added an option do disable right-click GoBack function
Added an option to disable the navigation sidebar in all modules except the fullscreen navigation module
Simplified registration wizard
Improved Viliv S5 GPS detection
Handled exceptions when initializing windows media player better
Added option to disable navigation speech when routing
Added QueryFavorites and QueryRecentDestinations methods to navigation search controller object in SDK
The My Videos path is now automatically created if it doesnt exist
Added option to download satellite imagery around a particular location
Handled failure to load milkdrop better so that StreetDeck will work even if milkdrop fails to initialize
Add ability to add a button to the navigation start module through the SDK
Added -thumbdrive option to start StreetDeck directly off a thumbdrive
Added option to disable muting of playing media audio when navigation voice is speaking
Fixed issue with XM radio not connecting to hardware
Fixed progress bar on imagery download to only show if imagery is downloading
Satellite imagery no longer disabled when starting up on the G4
Fixed problem with new skin menu item being disabled
Added option to upload SDZ project to
If a skin can not be loaded, the default skin is now properly set
DigitalGlobe satellite imagery provider is now used