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StreetDeck is Microsoft Windows based software that uses the latest technology to take advantage of all the power in your UMPC, Laptop, NetBook, or other in car PC. GPS Navigation, Music, Satellite Radio, HD Radio, and More. It makes the features you want to use in your car accessible while driving.  

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How to get your Viliv S5 GPS to work with StreetDeck
6/7/2009 3:33:35 PM


Having trouble getting your S5 GPS working with StreetDeck, check out the video above.  Remember, the key for the S5 is to leave your GPS source on Not Set to allow StreetDeck to automatically dectect it and choose the proper baud rate.  Also, please be patient and remember to have a clear view of the sky when waiting for a signal as the initial GPS lock may take several minutes.  This video only applies to the Viliv S5 GPS and StreetDeck 2.  The next update to StreetDeck will make several updates to GPS source selection for the S5 to make its status more obvious.

Sierra Wireless USB 598U EV-DO with GPS
1/24/2009 11:48:22 AM


Looking to add internet connectivity to your StreetDeck powered Car PC.  The Sierra Wireless USB 598U could be the perfect solution.  As well as EV-DO Rev A connectivity with Sprint, the 598U also includes a NMEA compatible GPS.  It will cost you around $60 a month for Sprints mobile broadband access.

via NaviGadget