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Review of Viliv X70 EX
6/10/2009 7:52:45 PM



Heres the review of the Viliv X70 EX with CarKit.  The model I tested was the top of the line model with 32 Gb SSD and 3G Modem.  The X70 is probably the best UMPC Ive used in the car.  The car kit is very nice and having a built in GPS makes it very convienent.  The 7" screen does make it easier to use and more usable while driving.  Overall, I still prefer the S5 for its ability to easily fit in your pocket when you get out of the car, but if portability is not a concern or having a 7" screen is, you cant go wrong with the X70 and it does have a SD card slot which I do miss on the S5.

Dynamism  ( has the X70 on sale now for $599. 

 For a more in depth review of the x70 check out 

Unboxing of the Viliv x70 EX
6/8/2009 6:01:48 AM
 The Viliv x70 EX is another nice UMPC from Viliv.  Like the Viliv S5, it also has a car kit and built in GPS.  It is built around a larger 7" touch screen though.  Stay tuned for a more in depth review later this week.
How to get your Viliv S5 GPS to work with StreetDeck
6/7/2009 3:33:35 PM


Having trouble getting your S5 GPS working with StreetDeck, check out the video above.  Remember, the key for the S5 is to leave your GPS source on Not Set to allow StreetDeck to automatically dectect it and choose the proper baud rate.  Also, please be patient and remember to have a clear view of the sky when waiting for a signal as the initial GPS lock may take several minutes.  This video only applies to the Viliv S5 GPS and StreetDeck 2.  The next update to StreetDeck will make several updates to GPS source selection for the S5 to make its status more obvious.

Viliv S5 with CarKit
3/1/2009 10:00:17 PM

I just recieved a couple of sample units of the Viliv S5 with car kit and its awesome!  Its the first UMPC that Ive used that seems purpose made for GPS navigation.  With its Intel ATOM processor and 3D acceleration it has no problem doing multimedia either.   Just a few of the reasons why I like it: 

  •  4.8" Screen and Pocketable
  • Very quick resume from standby and a battery that will let it last 200 hours on standby
  • A car kit made specifically for the S5
  • The best resistive touch screen Ive ever used
  • A very bright display
  • Built in GPS

UPDATE: I recieved some updated data from the manufacturer and updated the video.  The extenal Wi-Fi antenna port pointed out in the old video is actually an external DMB antenna and wont be in the final North American version.  The weight is just 385g, not 720g.  It will also be available with a 32 GB SSD hard drive option. 

Viliv S5 Gets March Release Date
2/13/2009 10:54:33 AM


The Viliv S5 is a next generation PND-like UMPC with 4.5" touchscreen.   Its got a built in GPS and a car kit is available (suction cup mount).  I also hear the final version will have a haptic function (screen vibration activated by touch) and it should have more then enough power to make StreetDeck run really well.  Just check out how well cover flow works in iTunes in the engadget video.  Coming to the US sometime in March for a price starting around $650.

 Via engadget