User Interface Consultant

StreetDeck LLC

Rescue poorly performing and outdated user interface projects for several clients. Propose new UI designs, experiences, and complementary architectures using high fidelity mock-ups and prototypes. Work with team members to create standards and automated processes for highly productive, scalable, and stable code using the latest javascript technologies.

  • Replaced 3 teams with one by designing and building a cross platform responsive mobile web application powered by AngularJs to replace a badly architected project by a previous contractor.
  • Rebuilt a secure patient centered chat application using AngularJS with IE7 compatibility for Dr First in under 3 months that a previous team took over a year to build very poorly.
  • Delivered an Ionic based mobile prescription management application using half the client’s resource estimates.

Senior Architect

Firejack Technlogies

Take in concepts from clients, analyze use cases then develop unique and engaging user experiences starting with specific requirements documentation, wireframes, and working design mocks. Follow with brisk, well documented, and scalable code implementation. Then iterate until the product feels awesome. I implement the really unique parts of the wireframes and code myself and guide others in implementing the rest to reach the exact concept that meets the client’s goals. I analyze internal and external projects for usability, performance, and quality from the top down and provide guidance on how to improve them and train others in the latest web technologies.

User Interface Architect

Millennial Media

Architect responsible for all current internal and external user interfaces. Created high-level architectural specifications, ensured feasibility, functionality, and integration of user interfaces with services. Helped design and advise other developers on best user interface practices, facilitate code and design reuse, served as a liaison between business and engineering, implemented framework level code, implemented patterns for enterprise wide application development, and designed a common code library for UI development.

User Interface Architect


Worked on several projects related to the AOL advertising platform. Led rearchitecture of the UI platform from an ASP.Net application connected to a WCF services backend to an Ext-Js front end and RESTful service backed resulting in significant improvements in performance, code maintainability, and implementation time.

Independant Consultant

StreetDeck LLC

Take in concepts from clients, analyze use cases then churn out specific requirements documentation and working design mocks, followed by highly usable software. Fully implemented concepts with a top down philosophy focusing on usability first.

Clients included ALK Abello, Volkswagen: Palo Alto Research Lab, General Motors, Aptera, and AOL. Projects include both one-man-band design and implementation as well as work with larger teams.

VP of Software Engineering

Created, designed, and implemented navigation system software with Bluetooth phone control, video, music, and various internet connected capabilities as a complete in-car UI. Tasked several developers to implement features for specific clients, including Intel, Toyota, and VW. Developed prototypes and core software in a deadline-driven environment and responsible for quality and low-level support after delivery. Authored statements of work and worked directly with clients to develop custom versions. Designed and developed application in C++ from scratch to a system of several hundred thousand lines of code over several years.

  • Sold close to $2 million worth of software and software services over 2 years.
  • StreetDeck powered the VMOD embedded computer which won the Best New Mobile Electronics Product at the 2006 SEMA Show.
  • Paul Otellini, the CEO of Intel, gave his September 2006 keynote at Intel Developer Forum featuring StreetDeck software.

Software Engineering Associate

Lockheed Martin Mission Systems

Programmer for the Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Designed and implemented a system for computer security incident recording, incident handling, and report distribution. The system utilizes Microsoft Foundation Classes, integrated HTML pages, integration with RealSecure IDS products, and Microsoft SQL Server connectivity. Designed to document all incidents monitored by the CIRT as well as distribute security advisories to all users on the HUD network through client and server applications using low-level UDP and TCP socket communication.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Virginia Tech

Assisted professor through tutoring, grading, and class administration in Professionalism in Computers, a writing intensive computer science course, and an Introduction to C++ course.


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Hire Me

Over the years, I have done work for a wide range of companies. I have founded my own company. I have worked with entrepreneurs to build out a minimum viable product. I have helped post-seed and series A companies grow thier teams from nothing to over 20 UI specific developers and designers. I have worked with large, well established companies to bring more agility and rescue teams building the wrong product too slowly. I really love a challenge. Impossible deadlines and reviving previously failed projects are where I see my greatest oppurtunity.

I have recently found a niche building cross platform mobile applciations and cutting down resource requirements from 3 teams for mobile web, iOS, and android to one agile team. I love working with scrappy teams just trying to get a get a foothold and putting the blood, sweat, and tears in to get ahead of schedule and start asking the project managers to catch up with us. I am a primarly a developer and architect, but I have been known to help with high fidelity mockups and wireframes to bring a vision to fruition.

I have had clients all over the US, but I live in Silicon Valley. Hire me to help you build the next big thing for mobile or the web, kickstart a new team, or get your project back on track. I'm not a sales guy and have no mailing lists. Feel free to reach out to me and tell me your needs and we can just talk to see if I can help you.

Mountain View, CA